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TaoBao is a huge Chinese online store. It works on the C2C system. It is a form of an electronic commerce that involves the sale of goods and services between consumers. It is created by Alibaba and acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller.

For a businessman such a site is just a box of treasures. You can not only buy cheap things and resell them on your site, you can also parse the contact information of users. Let’s learn more.

What information will our scraper give you?

  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Names of products
  • Descriptions of products
  • Shipping
  • Articles of goods
  • Names and addresses of stores

What can you use this data for?

First thing is the transfer of the data to your own online store. For example you buy goods on TaoBao and resell them in your online store for a higher price. In this case you can take photos and write descriptions of the products again, but it will take a lot of time and resources. You can try copying the product data manually instead, but this is also too long. On average a person can copy a full set of information about just 160 products during 8 hours that is a whole work-day. This is exactly the problem that businessman had. What did he do? He contacted our company.

Our client from Canada

Our client from Canada owns a store of clothes, shoes, toys and other things for babies. He actively promotes his business in social networks and on the Internet in general so he started using TaoBao scraping almost immediately, but he was always not satisfied with the price or quality. But he did not give up and finally found our company with suitable conditions for him. We started working together. The setting up of our parser for TaoBao was ready, so everything went quickly and easily. We provided the customer with instructions on how to use the scraper and were ready to answer any questions and help with any problems that could appear. This businessman regularly updates the assortment of his store so he needs a scraper constantly. We have been working with him for several months now and he is very satisfied.

For which else purposes can you use TaoBao scraping for?

  1. Formation of the database of contact data. Start-up companies need new customers but advertising is expensive and there is no guarantee that it will work. Therefore parsing is a great way to tell everyone about your company personally. Most often advertising mailings are sent to a phone number in messages or to Email, but sometimes they even send printed catalogs to people’s houses using their addresses.
  2. Monitoring of competitors. This is a very important part of using TaoBao scraping. It is very important to increase or decrease the price of a product in time depending on the prices of competitors. Unfortunately it is impossible for a person to track all the changes, but parsing copes perfectly with this task.
  3. Tracking auctions. Scraping is used on many trading platforms. It finds the right lots for you at the lowest price in time.
  4. Working with texts or with websites. The parser detects broken links, errors and can translate text into another language or change it using synonyms.

If you are interested in TaoBao scraping then you can buy a setup of our program for this site. It is ready and it is very easy to use. You just need to click on the button «Use template» and then «Run the scaper». Not only the TaoBao scraper is ready, we also have ready-made scrapers for Aliexpress, Yelp, Amazon and many other sites. You can follow the lincs and read articles about scraping them.

But what if you need a scraper for a site that doesn’t have a ready-made setup yet?

We can customize our program specifically for the site you need. It will take a little more time and money, but it will be worth it. We will also provide you with detailed instructions, will fix any problems, and will always be in touch to help you.

Answers to possible questions:

1) Is parsing legal? Certainly it is! There is no law prohibiting parsing. Furthermore, it is used by 90% of big stores and by 99% of searching engines.

2) Is it safe? Absolutely. If you try to parse the data manually, you can get blocked with high probability. The fact is that some sites try to prevent parsing, but we use strong security systems for our program. The scraper also copies the data gradually to avoid overloading the site.

3) How to contact us? If you have any questions you can always contact our support service. Specialists will answer all your questions.

TaoBao data scraper

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