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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word iHerb? The buyer thinks about purchases and expenses, but the entrepriser thinks about purchases and benefits. How does it work? It’s simple – many entreprisers are involved in the resaling of goods from iHerb on their websites and in their stores. Such businessmen will sooner or later face the challenge – they will need to transfer the information about products from iHerb to their own website. Therefore they will probably need some help of iHerb scraping.

What is scraping or parsing exactly?

This is a technology of obtaining data by extracting it from the pages of web resources. Scraping can be done manually by a computer user, but usually the term means the automated processes implemented using code.

Why is automated parsing so much better than manual scraping?

  1. Such scraping can follow all of the specified parameters, even very subtle and complex ones.
  2. It collects data much faster than a human – even a professional needs a full work day to collect a complete list of data about 150 products when a program can do it in less than an hour.
  3. Scraping evenly distributes the load on the site that we parse. This is necessary in order not to create DDOS attacks.
  4. Parsing performs regular checks on the specified parameters so the data is always fresh and up-to-date.
  5. It provides the collected data in the format that you need and which is simple to understand and to work with.
  6. It does not make mistakes because of inattention or fatigue, but a human does.

What data can iHerb scraping extract?

  1. Names of products
  2. Names of stores
  3. Prices
  4. Products characteristics and descriptions
  5. Pictures
  6. Charts
  7. Graphs
  8. Terms of delivery
  9. Email address
  10. Phone numbers

What can you use this data for?

Scraping has two main tasks. People can use it for the purpose of business development or do the technical parsing of the site.

How can you develop your business with the help of scraping?

  • Parse names, descriptions, articles and other content for your own online store.
  • Collecting information about the range, prices and discounts of competitor products.
  • Analysis of the structure of competitors websites in order to improve and develop your own structure.
  • Making the database of email addresses and phone numbers. Usually it is used for advertising mailing.

What about technical parsing?

  • Search for incorrect redirects, damaged links.
  • Identification of duplicates or other problems in mega-tags, headers, descriptions, etc.
  • Detect unwanted pages that are open for indexing.
  • Translation of texts into another language and conversion using the synonym generator.

Now you probably think like «Wow, iHerb scraping is very beneficial and convenient, but there might be disadvantages… Is it legal?» Of course it is! There are no laws that could forbid parsing. Especially because the information that we get from it is opened to everyone. And every searching engine (for example Google or Rambler) uses scraping. Accordingly you can not worry about your safety.

Our customer from France

A few months ago one woman asked as for help with her Sport&Health store. She sold there everything for fitness, workouts and healthy lifestyle: clothes, sneakers, special protein food, supplements, sports equipment and a lot of other goods. She was buying many of them in iHerb and she really needed to copy the information about them. She even had a special employee for this work! But it was very impractical and took so much time. And then she accidentally run into our article about parsing. That was her lucky day! Now she is using our program that is easy to use and she does not have any problems with her shop. Well we wish her the best with her business and move on.

The iHerb scraper is ready and you can use it very simply as well as many others. You just need to click on the «Create project» button and then «Run the scraper». But sometimes businessmen buy goods from unpopular stores so no one has ready scrapers for it. What should they do then? Contact us! We will make a new parser special for you. We have already made many such programs so we recommend you to try.

If you have any questions please write our support service, our workers will answer to all your questions.

iHerb data scraper

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