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Amazon product scraper

Amazon Microscraper is an application for parsing product cards from It is a reduced version of our main product, which works only for

Our microscraper retrieves basic product data – name, manufacturer, reviews, descriptions (if there are more than one), product pictures, available prices according to options. If the product has several options with different prices, we also take this into account.

Amazon scraper

How does it differ from our main product DataExcavator? In terms of practical results – nothing. It is exactly the same tool for retrieving product information. In terms of mechanisms – this product is more oriented to semi-automatic scraping.

Common features

The application consists of one window with an input field, a data table and three buttons. In the input field it is necessary to enter a reference to a product, a reference to the list of products, or several links to products via commas. After that you should press the button to the right of the input field – Scrape Product Data. The program will connect to the Amazon website, download and process the necessary data. After the algorithm is complete, the data will be added to the table for preview.

After you have walked around all the pages you need, you should press the “Export” button and choose the path where you want to save the scraping results. The program will save the results of scraping as a folder with pictures and a file .xlsx.

Here is a brief diagram of how to work with this tool:

Amazon micro scraper

Data export

We chose the same .xlsx file and picture folder as the export results. It is our policy that all our scrapers should extract the images and give them to our users. This product is no exception – it also extracts the images and saves them to your hard drive.

As a data export tool, we traditionally use the EPPlus library, which complies with .xlsx file recording standards.

And this is what we get as a result of the work of our application:

Exported .xlsx file
Exported product pictures

Application pricing policy

For this micro-application, we decided to set the lowest possible price, according to its quality and our development experience. This price is 16$ per copy for one physical user. The price includes an unlimited number of pages for scraping and an unlimited lifetime of the application. The price also includes a quality assurance.

Our market research shows that the average price of a scraper data from Amazon is $26. Thus, we offer a price almost 40% cheaper than the market, with an amazingly simple interface and great performance.

How to buy?

You can buy the application on the CodeCanyon and Codester portals.

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