Walmart scraper – micro application

Our next micro scraper software product is a data scraper for As part of our work on various applications for data extraction, we talked to many customers. Some of them expressed wishes that they would be very comfortable with a small scraper for Walmart, which would collect as much data as possible with ease of use.

This application is a reduced version of our main product – DataExcavator. It is suitable for extracting any data from any site. However, the microscraper for walmart is much cheaper, has a very simple interface and does not require any special technical knowledge to use.

Many entrepreneurs open their own online stores and they find the scraped data from Walmart useful. In some cases, extracting data from the site is easier than getting the full price list of pictures from the supplier.

And while we love to make our products more complex and often get reasonable criticism about it, our Walmart scraper is quite simple and convenient. This program has one function – it extracts product data from the Walmart website, including product pictures.

As you can see, our scraper has minimal functionality and a clear way to use it. You enter a link to a product page or product category and click on the “Scrap” button. The program will do the rest on its own – connect to the pages, extract the necessary data and save it to your hard drive.

Common features

This is the first time we have used DirectJSON technology in this application. What is it? Many sites for various reasons place direct product data in JSON format on their pages. It looks like a special string with encrypted data. Walmart refers to such sites, and all detailed information about the product is available directly on its pages, in the source code. DirectJSON technology allows you to extract this data directly from the page, and do not use classical methods of scraping through HTML nodes. Thus, our application allows you to collect all product information in a very convenient way, and save this data in its original form on your computer.

Our scraper is organized in a threading model. You can enter a link to a product category, and our application will successively open each product page in the background. After opening such pages, the application downloads data from each of them and stores this data. The overall scraping process can be seen in the progress bar and the block displaying of log entries.

Walmart data scraper - extract all product data from

Data export

As usual, we chose the .xlsx-formatted file and pictures folder as the export results. It is our policy that all our scrapers should extract the images. This product is no exception – it also extracts the images and saves them to your hard drive.

As a data export tool, we traditionally use the EPPlus library, which complies with .xlsx file recording standards.

And this is what we get as a result of the work of our scraper :

Walmart scraper - extract data from walmart
Walmart data scraper scraper - extract all images

Walmart scraper – application pricing policy

For this micro-application, we decided to set the lowest possible price, according to its quality and our development experience. This price is 16$ per copy for one physical user. The price includes an unlimited number of pages for scraping and an unlimited lifetime of the application. The price also includes a quality assurance.

Our market research shows that the average price of a scraper data from is $45. Thus, we offer a price almost 57% cheaper than the market, with an amazingly simple interface and great performance.

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