Google Maps Scraper: How to increase traffic on X10.

Google Maps Scraper: How to increase traffic on X10


Today we want to introduce you to a success story of one of our customers. We’re talking about Simon, and he uses Google Maps Scraper Pro. He’s a web designer from Malaysia, but now lives in New York. He has his own website, where he dreams of collecting a huge database of interesting places: cafes, restaurants, SPAs, and much more. Of course, our client needs the site to have detailed information about each place – the name, address, description, user reviews, and photos of that place.

Our client’s Internet site and business model is simple enough. The more information he collects and updates on his site, the faster his traffic grows. Each new visitor is monetized through advertising. Of course, the more people visit the site, the more our client earns.

Help to extract any data from around the world

As usual, this story began with an Email. Simon shared information about his project. He told us that he’s been copying organization cards from Malaysia from Google Maps manually for about six months. It’s quite a tedious task, and now he’s looking for something to automate it. We are pleased to announce that one of our flagship products is Google Maps Scraper PRO Plus, the ideal product for scraping. Thus, this product simply performs the copying process, but completely automatically.

We were definitely excited to hear Simon say, “Let’s try working together.” And we gave it a shot! At the time of writing, we’ve been working with the client for 3 months now. As we can see during this time his website daily traffic has increased from 50 to 500 people. How did it happen? Well, today we will tell you about it in more detail.

Typical task for scraper

The task at hand was a very common one. We’ll tell you more – it was one of those challenges that our team once faced. It was the one that motivated us to develop Google Maps Scraper and some other products.

As we mentioned above, Simon spent days and nights copying organization cards from Malaysia. After nearly six months of manually copying data, he was already thinking about hiring employees. He needed people to clearly speed up the process. But at the same time, he was faced with the problem of financing his startup. He began looking for a way out of that situation, and he turned his attention to automation software – scraping software.

Years ago, one of our team members had been copying motor oil information from a manufacturer’s website for 4 months. It was very, very, very tedious and hard work. And at some point we realized, “Enough is enough!” And that’s exactly why our products exist now. It’s funny, but today our app can accomplish a four-month task in a week of quiet work.

The advantage of Data Excavator users

Honestly, when a person presses the same buttons for four months, something changes inside him. Just by looking, we can identify our fellow scraping, because we, too, once did this job. So that people can no longer experience these feelings and our scrapers were created!

Data Excavator fights for all the people who need to scrap large amounts of data

Why it has to be us

Simon researched the scraping market before contacting us. He approached us, taking into account the amazingly low price and free technical support. We discussed his project well.

Especially for the client’s needs, new features were added to the application. The thing was that he needed to extract data by several GEOs and keys at once. Well, we were happy to meet the customer and added this feature. Today, Google Maps Data Scraper PRO allows you to specify multiple GEO locations and keywords at the same time. This is a fantastic time-saver for scraping.

Individual approach to each client

First impressions of working with scraper

And so the work with the application began. Our client was ready (as it usually happens) for a long time to understand the principle of work and for a tedious reading of instructions. But, this time everything was different. Scraper has literally 2 buttons and 3 data entry fields – GEO and Keyword.

Without any hesitation, Simon was able to start using our application easily. Then he told us that he had tried other apps before us. But most of them either exceeded his budget or were completely incomprehensible to him.

Scrpaing everything you need easily with Google Maps Scraper Pro

So, here began a complete extraction of all the companies in various categories throughout Malaysia under Simon’s leadership. Literally, from coffee shops to bathtub stores.

Scrpaing any category in any volume.

The more we communicated with Simon by mail, the more he told us about his projects. He amazed us with his enthusiasm and words of gratitude, because he did not expect such work from a small app, with a small team. Previously he had been using the most expensive scraping app, which was recommended to him in the forum threads, but it didn’t suit him. We are very happy that our capabilities matched our client’s needs so well.

Scraping success

The specifics of our program is to extract as much information about the company as possible from Google Maps. As it turned out, our client was now filling his site with as much information as possible. Among other things, he decided to add to his site evaluations of establishments, all comments, photos, all social networks, phone numbers, etc.

Going back a bit. Extracting 10,000 companies took our client 1 year, but since using our app it has taken 4 days.

High data extraction productivity

This tremendously freed our client from the memories of those terrible days of manual monotonous labor. So now he is free to run our application and minimize it by doing other work.

In cases when you need to complete a task as quickly as possible, you can easily leave our application running overnight. Turn the program on and leave your computer overnight. Data Excavator will do everything for you.

Data Excavator will do everything for you.

Technical support

One of our strongest qualities is timely and high-quality technical support. Our specialists try not to leave you with a problem and will not leave it without attention. We are happy to listen to the comments of our customers, their suggestions on the work of the program. If an interesting idea comes up – we’ll be happy to add it to the next update. And make the process of scraping even more convenient.

The best technical support for Data Excavator and Google Maps Scraper Pro clients

As we can see from the screenshot above, we didn’t leave our client alone to deal with the problem. 108 messages in correspondence with support – are we communicating with our customers in enough detail? 🙂

Any help with Google Maps Scraper

You can send us a message here


These are the results our client, Simon, can boast about.

  1. Traffic to the Simon’s website increased X10 in just 3 months scraping.
  2. Filled the website with more information about the companies.
  3. Saved a year of manual work by giving that work to the app.

Of course, our client has had difficulties with certain websites or companies. But certainly our tech support is always on guard of our good name and answers all questions in time. There were cases when we had to use RDP to deal with the problem personally.

How can we help clients with similar requests?

As we can see in this case, our client used Google Maps Scraper Pro. Here you can read more about it (link).

Google Maps data scraper. Extract all data about organizations.

Thus we have a basic parser, which is suitable for any site Link to the scraper it contains templates from the most popular platforms (such as Amazon, Walmart and others) We are always happy to answer all your questions. Just contact us here

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