Data Excavator - web scraping IDE

 Forget about complicated and expensive web scrapers in “single window”

Scrape any data from $5 per month with awesome support

Our product is an installable web-scraper based on .CSS-selectors and XPath. 
There are no cloud APIs, weird limits on usage, or other nonsense. 
Just a simple scraper made by data experts 🧐

Why Data Excavator?

Our scraper is a small project, and we are just beginning to win the love of users. We don’t have twenty programmers and thousands of dollars for advertising. This is exactly what allows us to offer the advantages that large companies do not have.


We offer a scraper at a price from $59 per year. That's about $5 a month. Now the most important for us is the audience, and we are ready to reduce prices.


Somtimes scraping is a hard task. Our support - is a free scraping project for one site and remote consultation on Whatsapp + RDP / TeamViewer.​


The source codes of the interface part are open - check it on Codester and CodeCanyon. You can make your own scraper based on our interface.


Our licensing policy is the number of projects and the number of threads. There are no restrictions on the number of downloaded pages or speed.


The architecture of the application is made in multithreaded style. Scraping server, parsing server, storage - operations are carried out in parallel.


A multithreaded model connected to the optimal code - you get a really high data acquisition speed depending on the number of processors.


You can choose between native indexing and indexing via popular browser engine. In the latter case, you get a snapshot of the data in the context of surfing through a full-fledged browser, as if it were a human being.


When using indexing through browser engine, you get an opportunity to scan sites displaying dynamic content through JavaScript or other ActiveX-technologies. Browser engine also allows you to use Cookies.


You can export the data in the formats you prefer - .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .sql, .json. As an additional bonus, we have built in the possibility of exporting data "On the fly" - you can specify an http-link, to which the program will send data immediately.




Data Excavator - results overview


Data Excavator - express project


Data Excavator - data export


Our application is a simple and convenient web scraper. 

These are some of the features that we support:

  • Multithreaded data scraping
  • Chromium-based data scraping
  • Proxy-servers support
  • $_GET and $_POST arguments support
  • Dynamic content scraping
  • Interaction of user JS-code with pages of the site
  • Robots.txt ans Sitemaps support
  • Pages re-scraping support
  • User-defined scraping behaviors
  • Scraping data by URL mask
  • Analysis of robots.txt under the selected user agent
  • Multi-dimensional data extraction
  • Website authentication support
  • Website links buffer management
  • Multithreaded data extraction
  • Exporting data to .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .sql, .json
  • Exporting data online via HTTP(S) link
  • Overview scraped data into UI
  • Import & Export projects settings
  • Project settings testing on specified page
  • Grab only links from specified page
  • Project performance metrics board
  • Forcing specified links reindexing
  • Grabbing website links administration panel
  • Projects interactive dashboard
  • Files scraping support - images, archives, pdf, etc.
  • Ready-made scraping templates
  • Detailed data logging

Our pricing


  • Unlimited pages to crawl
  • Unlimited data to extract
  • 10 projects limit
  • 4 threads per project limit
  • One-time support
  • No first project fot free


per year


  • Unlimited pages to crawl
  • Unlimited data to extract
  • 50 projects limit
  • 10 threads per project limit
  • Email + RDP support
  • 1 website settings for free


per year


  • Unlimited pages to crawl
  • Unlimited data to extract
  • No projects limit
  • No threads per project limit
  • Extended support
  • 3 website settings for free


per year
Download Data Excavator and start extracting the data right now! Get a free demo key for 1 month to test all the features of the application. No more complicated solutions and slow browser plugins. The Excavator has already sharpened its bucket and is ready to go.

Excavator.Online - Data as a Service

You want data, not a tool to get it? Perfect - we suggest you consider the data as a service. The minimum work - only ready data in your database.

ExcavatorSharp - C# web scraping library

ExcavatorSharp - C# web scraping library

Software library for web data scraping. Want to create your own scraping application? Our library is perfect for it! Written in C#, platform .NET

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