Binance data scraper – how to extract crypto data

Binance scraper - extract all crypto data

Today I will tell you about Binance data scraper – application for data extraction from the Binance platform. The Data Excavator application does an excellent job of extracting data from Binance in large volumes. It is important for us not to miss the variety of cryptocurrencies that the cryptocurrency exchange can provide us. And further I will tell you in more detail how to do it with our application.

Data Excavator has a separate template ready to work with the Binance platform. If you are looking for a scraper for cryptocurrency, you have already found it!

Binance is currently one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. It has earned its popularity through its simplicity and convenience. The main features of the exchange include the number of cryptocurrency pairs, a wide range of trading instruments, and the trust of millions of users, which is especially relevant in the crypto market. This exchange is great for beginners and professionals alike.

Big data

Purpose of extraction.

If you want to keep up to date with the most current information on cryptocurrency, then use Binance Scraper. Our app will help you to get full information about cryptocurrency in large volumes. Our app has a ready template for scraping exchanges. You just need to enter the parameters you are interested in. Binance is an excellent source of basic information.

Extracting all coins on a crypto exchange

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the best prices for yourself or if you want to fill your site with a huge amount of quality information. Data Excavator will fit any task related to data scraping.

What we extract.

Literally, everything you see on your computer screen. Our scraper is very flexible and customizable to extract any open data from Binance.

  • Names
  • Capitalization
  • Price
  • Last 24 months growth
  • Volume
  • Actual data
  • Price trend
  • Price info
  • Market information
  • Cryptocurrency description

Also on the crypto exchange there are many data fields we can deal with e.g. trade and finance, education, research and data, charity, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions and many more

Binance data scraper - extract all data from the website

For all of this data we have a template in which you just need to enter the parameters that interest you. Our parser processes about 10 pages per second in real time.

Export data in XLSX/CSV format

We export data in XLSX/CSV format. And importantly, the export file can be uploaded to WordPress via WPAllImport. This is a universal module that allows you to upload any data via WordPress. This makes your work as easy as possible because you can immediately upload the finished file to your site.

Export data in XLSX / CSV format


We’ve had several clients requesting cryptocurrency services from us, and here’s one we’re going to talk about. It was a standard request, our client has a website dedicated to cryptocurrency and crypto-business. Earlier he uploaded only analytics and articles to his site. But at a certain point it was decided to add a section with a description of each coin.

Working with Binance Scraper

“Unfortunately, I found out that there is a lot of information but I don’t have time for this work. There are two variants: a) to hire a separate person for this work b) or to spend an hour a day and finish work in a year.”

And here we come along, those who offer c) Just use Binance Data Excavator to quickly and efficiently solve the problem.
Accordingly, the problem was solved in the shortest possible time. And the work done brought good and fresh traffic to the site.

Technical support

One of our strong points is competent and timely technical support. Whatever technical problem you face, our experts will help you with it. Our company is not that big and for this reason we take each of our clients very seriously.

Rest assured, when you buy a Binace Scraper you will be provided with a full range of technical services.

How to Get Started Scraping

It’s very simple, we give you a ready-made template. Accordingly, you need:
1) First you need to download and run our application.
2) After launching, go to “ready-made templates”.
3) Specify the criteria of the pages from which you want to extract information
4) Specify the elements on one typical page to be parsed.
5) Joyfully click the “Start” button.
Our application will automatically bypass all the links you give it. You’ll be able to extract all the information according to the criteria you set for the Binance site.
As you can see, there is nothing complicated. That’s all you need to know to use Data Excavator.

Use it right now.

First, download our app .
Make a purchase on CodeCanyon.
Then scrape information from Binance in just a few clicks or contact our support team !

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