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In addition to the main application, we offer a number of additional products and data processing services.

Google Maps data scraper PRO plus

We have a special mini-scraper for Google Maps. With its help you can extract contacts of organizations, E-mail addresses and other information from maps. It’s very simple and only costs $37. No Google API access required! You read the details here:

Affilate marketing automation

Our new product in 2022 is an automatic referral machine on WordPress. Earn with AWIN – automatically get discounted products from online stores to your website. When a customer purchases an item, you will receive 3-5% of its value. Learn more at:

ExcavatorSharp: C# / dotNET .dll library for data scraping.

You can use the core of our application to extract data and build your own scrapers. Link to library page

Data as a Service

We can extract data for you from almost any site on request. Send us a description of the task via the banding for feedback. We will study the target site, and then we will propose the terms and cost of data extraction. Sometimes, it’s easier than writing an application or extracting the data yourself. Link to DAAS page

Creating custom scraping apps

We have a lot of experience in building mini-applications for parsing. You can look through our application portfolio on CodeCanyon. Want to build your own mini-parser? Contact us via the feedback form and we will study your task. We will be glad to use our experience and expertise in creation of an application for parsing the site you need!

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