Need help? – we’re here to help!

Do not worry! We’re already here. We will try to help you use our app. Yeah, scraping sites isn’t an easy thing to do. Our support will gladly tell you how to do it quickly and efficiently.

So, here’s what we can do for you:

Free creation of the first scraping project if you have our license key (not demo version). Connect via RDP / TeamViewer.

We are very pleased with those customers who support our cause and are ready to use our software. For paid licenses, we will help youcreate your first data scraping project for free. We will connect to you via RDP or TeamViewer at an agreed time and set up a data scraping project from one site of your choice. You will see all the actions and then can repeat them for any other project. Please note that this service is available only once and only for customers who have purchased a key. For Demo keys, this option is not available.

If you require this service, please contact us via the contact form.

Free 10-minute consultation about how our program works and whether it is suitable for your task.

If you are only thinking about using our software, we are here to answer your questions. You probably want to extract data from some website. We can look at this site and tell you whether or not our software is suitable for your task.

Please use the feedback form for a free 10-minute consultation.

Brief excursion to .CSS selectors. How it works and why it is needed.

Data extraction in our application is based on .CSS selectors (and also on X-path, but this is secondary). In general, .CSS-selectors are the basis for data scraping in almost any application (both we and many competitors). If you want to extract data, you will somehow need basic knowledge in .CSS-selectors. For good or bad – we do not know, but without it, it will be very difficult for you to use almost any scraper.

Hundreds of articles have been written on the subject of .CSS selectors, and there is also one on our website, and we recommend you to read it.

I need the program codes – I want to make my own scraper!

We believe that data scraping is a complex task. Not always even the best program can solve all the tasks of extracting information from websites. That’s why we stick to the following architecture of our project:

The core of our scraper is packed in the .NET library. The name of this library is ExcavatorSharp. You can find it at the following link. The source codes of this library are closed and you cannot get them. However, you can download the finished library as a .dll assembly and use it according to the technical documentation. You have to pay a fee to use the library.

The program codes of our interface are open – you can request them from us, or download them from codester / codecanyon. As a bonus, when you buy a project on codester / codecanyon, you get a key for 2 years complete with the source codes of the interface. You can use these codes to make your own data scraper.

Your program is not working! I found the bug!

Please let us know. Please use the feedback form.

Where can I read about all the features of the program? Do you have instructions?

We have a fairly detailed FAQ section. There you can find answers to some questions. We also have a channel on YouTube, where we plan to post training videos and other materials.

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