The Data Excavator – powerful native server for indexing, scraping and saving any data from websites. With the data excavator, you simply can scrape any data from any website and use it for you own purposes. Data excavator – is a really simple and fast solution with minimal entry point for everyone who want to mine data and don’t want to read many of tutorials. Scraping process working based on .css and x-path selectors. Application includes crawling server, grabbing server (scraping server) and IO server. Each server written in pure multi-threaded model. Do you have 8-cores processor? Good. May be, 12-cores? Very good! The data excavator is directly depended from your PC quality – he can works at powerful servers. In general, with a good hardware, you can boost the data excavator to scraping websites in “monster-mode”, and make 100, 500, 1000  scraping requests per second. Do you really want to making professional data mining? Ok, then just use the Data excavator and forget about other ways to mine data. Our solution is the really fast native server, written with pure quality and with the best specific algoritms.

Most of existing data scraping solutions from competitors works pretty linear – you must do every scraping step yourself with browser plugin. Alternatively you must to use page-to-page switching with pressing “Scrape data” magic button. Of course, there is a lot of professional data-mining solutions with high price and original quality. But there is not so many good solutions with good price and performance.

The Data Excavator can be used in most of situations when you need to extract any-typed data from any website. May be, you want to create a e-commerce project and you search for a goods data source? May be you want to build a service for prices comparing? May be you are a big data specialist and must prepare some data set for analysing? Any task in data scraping that you can imagine you can solve with the Data Excavator application.

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