Yelp scraper – Extract business listings from is a business directory for restaurants, cafes and other entertainment venues. Yelp has more traffic and popularity in America and Europe, and less in Asia and Africa. It is a big site and a big company whose shares are traded on the stock exchange. For a variety of reasons you may need to use a data scraper for

Our app is great for scraping data from With it, you can quickly extract organization cards and save them to an Excel file

What data we scrape from data scraper

Our program has a ready-made template for parsing data from the Yelp website. You don’t need to configure anything. It is enough to install the program, find the template and click “Create Project by Template”. The template includes parsing the following blocks:

  • Name
  • Location address
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Work time
  • Amentities
  • Specialisation
  • Rate value
  • Pricing policy
  • Photos (in Hi-quality)
  • Description text

And this is what we have at the output, after applying our application. This is the settings test page. In real mode, we’re processing dozens of pages per second. listing extraction example

If you are familiar with CSS selectors, you can add any other elements for extraction. We can also help you with this.

Data scraping – abstract

Nowadays, 90% of business owners create an online version of their enterprise: an online store or website. But there is so much information and competition on the net right now. So, it is becoming more and more difficult to monitor the market situation and find useful data for your website. But, we have found the solution.

Site parsing with DataExcavator is the extraction, processing and saving of various data. Our data scraper is also suitable for

The main purpose of scarping is to search for information like:

  1. Monitoring the prices of competitors – we can track the dynamics of purchases of certain goods from other entrepreneurs and draw conclusions (The higher is dynamics, the higher is cash flow).
  2. Bulletin board parsing – you get information about the appearance of new ads and changes in old ones.
  3. Collection of collateral and auction data-Vouch for all offers and collateral lots online on one page.
  4. Auto ad parsing-fast detection of new ads for the sale of cars contributing to the purchase with the best price.
  5. Collecting data from social networks usually identifying the target audience.
  6. Gathering data from business listing websites and using that data to fill your own site.

Website it is perfect for the last paragraph. It is parsed mainly to form a database of email addresses, but the site is also good for collecting data of another type. Let me explain.

Case: a client from Canada who loves Yelp

Scraping data from Yelp - Canada

Recently, we have been working with a client who needed information for the project “Where to spend time in Canada”. He needed to extract photos and characteristics of restaurants, parks, museums, exhibitions and other entertaining places from the Manually copying by a person would take an unacceptably long amount of time, but we have developed a setup of our program for this case.

Our Yelp scraper parser found names, photos, detailed descriptions, addresses, and reviews, and we sent it to the customer. Our scarper can find even more difficult information such as graphs, timetables and charts, which are not just hard, but almost impossible to copy without artificial intelligence.

It sounds great, but sometimes we also encountered difficulties: restrictions on loading a large amount of data, an inappropriate recording format and others. Fortunately, we successfully dealt with all the troubles. We helped the client to get maximum benefits of scarping.

And I would like to emphasise that our scraper includes settings for contacts extraction. So, you can not only get data about places, but extract a lot of contacts. Next, you can use it for mailing or creating mini-social networks.

Scraper for – benefits

Still doubting scarping’s usefulness? Some more advantages of parsing:

  1. For the analytical work that an ordinary human does in many hours by checking all the indicators and searching for the necessary information. Our parser needs just a few seconds! So, we saving many hours of boring monotonous work. Usually, we collecting the information that is extremely valuable in the age of technology. The human factor is also excluded! Machines do not make mistakes and don’t get tired.
  2. Yelp actively blocks parsing data. If you try to extract information manually, you will be blocked. We use powerful proxy servers to extract the data.
  3. Parsing is useful not only for searching, but also to transform information. For example people often use it to translate texts into another language to get almost ready descriptions for products. The same process can be done with texts in your main language. Just replacing the words with synonyms, so there will probably be no problems with copyright.

So by using our scraper, our client from Canada received a huge amount of information. The attendance of different places by people, their opinions about these places and detailed characteristics of the places themselves. According to your order, we can also make custom settings for your site or for any other site.

Data scraping – what else?

We have reay-made scraping templates for popular sites such as Amazon or Aliexpress. For more information about these two sites you can follow the links: listings extraction

To work with already made layouts you just need to click on the “Create project” button and then “Run the scraper”.

Interested in our services, but still have any questions? You can write to our technical support service.

Yelp scraper – Extract business listings from

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