Why only x64 assembly

Keep in mind that the Data Excavator is a native indexing server and consumes a certain amount of resources, sometimes quite significant for the standard computer configuration. That’s why we don’t offer our clients to build x86 – in almost all cases the program’s work will exceed the memory limits for x86-processes and the program will end with an exception.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that in many cases memory is spent while working with CEF-indexer. When the native indexer works, memory is spent in smaller amounts. At the same time, the increase of the number of parallel threads and projects working in parallel increases the amount of memory being spent linearly.

In any case, we offer only the x64 version of the program as a standard build. If for some reason you still need the x86-version and understand all the potential problems related to the use of x86-build, please let us know and we will send you the x86-version of the application.

You can download x64 installer by following the link: https://data-excavator.com/download/

Why only x64 assembly

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