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Yelp scraper – Extract business listings from is a business directory for restaurants, cafes and other entertainment venues. Yelp has more traffic and popularity in America and Europe, and less in Asia and Africa. It is a big site and a big company whose shares are traded on the stock exchange. For a variety of reasons you may need to use […]

Case: How to increase online store revenue by 74% in 6 months with data scraping.

This case began, like many others, with cold contact with the client. In one of the Facebook groups, our employee saw a message like “Who can help me with the data scraper“? Our employee answered and the conversation began. Since then 6 months have passed, 4 of which we actively worked. During this time we […]

Scrape in 2 clicks? Ready-made scraping templates!

Is it possible to scrape data in 2 clicks? Scraping can really be a headache. There are so many sites, extracting information from which is not an obvious task. Sometimes we want to have ready-made templates for scraping – “click and use” – without any settings or reading the documentation. For example, the popular AliExpress […]

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