DataExcavator update from 1.2.12 to 2.0

30 July 2022

It’s quite a big and nice update. We have greatly changed the appearance of our application and added an interactive HTML node analyzer.

Interactive nodes analyzer

Now you can just click on the page to select the nodes you want to extract from the website. The interactive interface automatically detects the CSS selector and helps you understand exactly what you want to extract from the page.

See for yourself – the window for creating express projects has been simplified several times. Now you just need to enter a link to the page, and click on the elements you want. The rest the application will do by itself!

Project settings simplifying

The settings and project creation windows have become simpler, clearer, and more convenient. We have generously added icons to help you navigate between sections. We’ve simply removed unnecessary super-rare settings. The more popular settings we’ve simplified again and brightly highlighted among the others.

Over the past six months, we’ve gotten the question “how to adjust the scraping speed” many times. Well, now we’ve added a special interactive slider. It helps you adjust the speed of our application. Just look at it:

And of course, like in every other update – the stability and efficiency of the app has been increased. Enjoy!

DataExcavator update from 1.2.12 to 2.0

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