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Very few people have never heard about Walmart store – there are 12 thousand of Walmart stores in 28 different countries all around the world and the cash flow of this supermarket is many thousands of billions of dollars! Many businessmen cooperate with this shop. For example they buy goods there and then sell them in their own stores or do many other things.

If you are one of these businessmen, then you have to deal with the site Walmart and extract data from it anyway. The Walmart scraping by our company DataExcavator makes this process much easier.

Our program can get these kinds of data:

  • Names of products
  • Names of stores
  • Prices
  • Products characteristics and descriptions
  • Pictures
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Terms of delivery
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers

What can Walmart scraping be used for exactly?

Walmart products data scraper - application test

1) Parser gives you an opportunity to copy different types of information quickly and save it in Excel format. It can also update this data regularly.

2) Making a database of email addresses and phone numbers. You can use this personal information for advertising mailing or for any other purposes.

3) For market analytics. This includes monitoring competitor prices and discounts and monitoring ads in special purchase apps.

4) Self-parsing. For example work with texts, searching texts for errors and translating into other languages.

5) Tracking auctions. You can find something that you need for a good price in time.

Main advantages of Walmart scraping:

  1. It can extract information quickly and in any time, even 24 hours a day!
  2. Parser follows all of the given parameters even very hard and specific ones.
  3. It doesn’t make any mistakes that a human can do due to innatention.
  4. Scraper can regularly check if there are any changes on the website or somewhere else. For example it can do it once a week or every day.

Examples of using the information from scraping, our customers:

1) In April 2020 (at the height of the quarantine) we were contacted by a man from Canada. He wanted to open a delivery service and to bring people goods from Walmart. During this time people were very active in using online stores, because there was no opportunity to go to usual ones.

So the idea was great, but it was necessary to act quickly. He urgently needed to fill out his website with cards of products that he delivered. If he transfered all of the data himself or hired a special person it would take so much time. Then for a full day they would only transfer information about approximately 150 products. Our program transferred data about thousands of products over the same time. As a result with our help the client was able to finish his site in time. Then he received subsidies from the state and started working as a delivery service. In that way he earned a lot, but he would not have had time to take advantage of the situation in the world without our Walmart scraper.

2) Our next client is from India and he is a freelancer. He sells ready databases, so he needs a good scraper to get this data. He has worked with other companies, but the price were always too expensive. So he came to us for a universal and inexpensive program. Now he uses our Walmart scraper to work with people from all over the world and he is completely satisfied. We help him get all the necessary information in a fast time and for a good price.

More about our services:

As you understand, the setup of our program for the Walmart site is ready as well as for many other sites and stores. For example you can find on our website scraper for Aliexpress, Yahoo, Rakuten, Amazon, and others. Using ready templates is very simple. You just need to click on “Use templates” and then “Run the scraper”.

Walmart scraper - readymade template

But what if you need a parser for a site for which we don’t have a ready setup yet? Do not worry, we can develop a program for the desired site on order. We have had clients like this before. For instance we parsed an online furniture store for one woman. We saved the information about goods and transferred it to her website. We also provided her detailed instructions about using Walmart scraper, answered to all of the questions she asked during the work and fixed all problems. It took almost 4 months but only because the client wanted to do everything calmly, slowly. Honestly we could do everything faster, but the main thing is the customer’s desire.

The legality of Walmart scraping:

Is parsing under the law? Of course it is! But some people believe that it is shameful, bad or even illegal. We really don’t understand why this opinion exist, because there are no laws that could forbid scraping. In fact all information that we take is available to a usual person moreover every searching engine like Google or Safari uses scraping. So we just make it easier to find and save data. Accordingly you can not worry about your safety.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support. Our specialists will help you. And you can also read our other articles such as Aliexpress or Amazon scraping.

Walmart scraper

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