ExcavatorSharp and DataExcavator updated to v1.1-1.2


Well, it’s been a tough month. We placed on Codester and CodeCanyon and got some sales. We found several problems with the application 🤷‍♂️ that were related to validating license keys and the application not running under administrative accounts. At the moment some of them have been resolved and we are ready to present version 1.2 both for the client part and for our library. At the moment, some cases of incorrect validation of license keys remain unclear to us, and we are working on finding and fixing this problem. In general, if you use our application and cannot activate your demo key, please create a license.key file in the folder “C:/ProgramData/DataExcavator” and copy your key there. In this case, the application will not try to activate it remotely. Thank you for your understanding. A list of the most significant improvements is provided below.

  • Fixed current errors and improved overall stability of the application.
  • Fixed the problem of using the SSL / TLS protocols that are not available in some versions of the OS. The problem occurred when trying to set the ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol property to certain values on certain operating systems.
  • Added principal login functionality to the site as a separate behavior for CEF. Now if you want to extract data from a site that requires authentication by login and password, you can do so not through CEFBehaviors (which requires some skill), but through CEFWebsiteAuthBehavior. Inside you find a simple set of fields, including a template script. In general, this greatly simplifies the work with sites that require authentication.
  • Fixed the Excel export algorithm – the library was downgraded to a stable build without additional license fees (EPPlus starting from version 5 is no longer free).
  • Fixed the algorithm of exporting through Excel and CSV in complex cases. Now if one of the export results is not recorded successfully, the overall export process does NOT stop.
  • Added callback to the export mechanism which is called after each exported record. This allows you to keep track of the export process, rather than waiting for a long time for the program to finish.
  • Remains to question the behavior of the program in case it is not run from under the administrator on server versions of the operating system. At the moment, if you have any problems, we recommend you to use the “Launch from under an administrator” mechanism
ExcavatorSharp and DataExcavator updated to v1.1-1.2

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