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Yahoo scraper works with one of the largest online stores in Japan, where you can find and buy a huge number of different products: electronic gadgets, video game consoles, DVDs and videos, food, cosmetics, babies goods, jewelry and of course clothing.

However, if you have found this article, then you are not interested in the products themselves. As the famous financier, banker and businessman Nathan Rothschild once said – ” Whoever owns the information owns the world.

If you are an entrepreneur and buy things from the shopping website then you will probably have the problem with transferring data to your website or to your online store. So you can try Yahoo scraping or hire a person who will manually transfer the names, prices and pictures of products, but it will take a lot of time and effort, as well as your employee, no matter how professional he may be, will eventually make a mistake due to fatigue or inattention.

I thing parsing with DataExcavator is better anyway.

What data can Yahoo scraper give you?

  • Names of products
  • Images
  • Prices
  • Descriptions
  • Names of stores
  • Number of views
  • Shipping
  • Ratings

Practical application of the data from Yahoo scraper:

  • If you have your own online store and you sell goods that you purchase on then scraper will help you copy any kinds of data to Excel. Then you can use this information on your platform. Our Yahoo scraper can not only copy content, but translate foreign texts into your language, so you get almost completely finished descriptions.
  • You can monitor your competitors prices to make your offer more attractive and to have better sales.
  • By using Yahoo scraper you can collect a large database of email addresses. You can use them for automated mailings or other purposes.

Don’t worry about security!

Some people might think that parsing is immoral or even illegal. That is not true! Any search engine is also engaged in content parsing, otherwise it would not be able to show the pages corresponding to your query. And of course it is absolutely legitimate and lawfull.

And there is nothing shameful in using scraping, because you not only raise your sales, but also help customers to find your store and to buy what they need.

I should emphasise that many sites try to block scraping, so they can ban for copying information manually. With our Yahoo scraper it is excluded. We use powerful proxy servers.

More information about scarping:

  • The Yahoo scraper is ready as well as many others . For example we have templates for Aliexpress, Ebay and Rakuten. To work with ready-made layouts, you need to click on the “Use template” button and then “Run the scraper”.
  • Need data from the unpopular website? We can develop a scraper for the site you need. It will take more time, but it will be worth it.
  • If you have any questions about scraping you can write to our support service.
Yahoo data scraper

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