Rakuten scraping – extract cashback listings

In this article we will tell you about Rakuten scraping. Rakuten is a huge online supermarket containing a large amount of data. That is what we need. What is scraping by the way? This is an automated searching and analysis of information. The idea is not new and does not belong to us. It is used by different people and for different purposes:

Let’s look directly at the Rakuten.

What data can you get by Rakuten scraping

  • Cashback value
  • Shop name
  • Shop categories
  • Names of goods
  • Photos
  • Descriptions of goods
  • Shipping
  • Ratings
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses

Practical application of the data:

  1. Transfer of the information about goods from the Rakuten to your website. You may need scraping if yoy are the owner of an online store and buy products there. For small stores it is not that necessary, but for large shops it is indispensably. Because there is enough information even about only one product – name, photos and rating. And this data needs to be constantly updated.
  2. Sending the advertising to potential customers. It is not available to do shopping in Rakuten without signing in. The contacts of people that you get through parsing are extremely valuable for business. You will have a huge base of active buyers. So all you have to do is to send them colorful messages about great discounts and wait for the result.
  3. Information about the best offers from auctions. The Rakuten website has a catalog of products from the Ebay auctions, so you can buy products for the minimum price in time.

There were the main goals of using Rakuten scraping. If you are interested in this topic then you might want to know how to use it.

The setting of our program for this site is ready as well as for many others. Using ready templates is easy. You just need to tap the button “Use template” and then “Run the scaper”. This way you can quickly use the parsing of Aliexpress, Yelp, Yahoo, Amazon and others.

What if you need data from the site, but we do not have an already made setting for it? In this case we will develop a convenient scraper special for you! And you will get instructions and our help with all the difficulties. We have a big experience with clients like so and they were satisfied.

Why can’t a human replace Scraper?

A person copies and transfers a complete set of data about a single product in 3 minutes. This is 20 products per hour and 160 products for the whole workday! Our program does this work for a few minutes.

The program can find data that a human can’t detect. For example phone numbers are often displayed as a picture instead of numbers, but it is not a problem for the parser. Our Rakuten scraper does this kind of work quickly and without mistakes.

In the end the program will not make a typo or a mistake due to inattention and it works without breaks or weekends.

If you have any questions please contact our support service. Highly qualified specialists will help you deal with your problem.

Rakuten scraping – extract cashback listings

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