Loading goods from suppliers websites

Working in the e-commerce segment, any seller sooner or later faces the need to collect data from the sites of various suppliers or marketplaces. Many suppliers do not provide data in a structured form, and offer to take it from a certain site or portal. Many suppliers are placed on marketplaces, and offer to use such marketplaces as data sources.

There are many nuances in the process of extracting data from a website that arise both in preparation for and during data collection. Most of the nuances are related to the structure of the data presentation or from the location on the pages of the sites. Many sites present information in tabular form, and some sites do not use single product cards. Some sites use data compression, some submit their content through iframes, some upload page content a few seconds after logging in, and so on.

Quality software for collecting data from suppliers’ and marketplaces’ websites is the key to quickly filling your online store with good content. Good content is the key to good sales and the growth of page views on your website.

The Data Excavator offers you a wide range of functions for collecting and processing data from supplier and marketplace websites. Our software works well with both single product cards and large data lists. We take into account many nuances of content displaying on pages – data compression, images in base64 encodings, complex .css/xpath selectors, nested data sets, dynamically displayed content, content displayed a few seconds after entering the page, and so on.

You can export the obtained data in many typical formats – .xlsx, .csv, .json, .sql and so on. Moreover, you can set up the application in such a way that the data you collect is sent via a web-request via the specified link. This kind of configuration will allow you to make close integration with virtually any website.

Try the Data Excavator – this is a good solution for collecting data from the sites of suppliers and marketplaces to fill your online store.

Loading goods from suppliers websites

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