Legality of use of data extractors

When using automatic data extractors, you should understand the aspects of the legality of their use. In fact, given the copyright issues of texts, descriptions, images, programs and other data on web pages, you may not always be able to use an automatic data extractor.

First of all, it is necessary to inform that we are not professional lawyers – we are engaged in programming of profile products for us. This article represents our unprofessional point of view developed in the course of work on various projects and life experience.

Any website is a public page with a set of texts and images and intended for viewing by an undefined number of people. When you use a particular site, you are viewing public data in any way. When you use a website to collect information about prices or quantities of goods in stock, you probably do not allow this process to be illegal. When a company publishes certain data to an unlimited number of people, it is likely that it realizes that this data can be collected and used for a variety of purposes, and does not necessarily have to be collected automatically.

An automatic scraper (or extractor) is an application to automate data collection from websites. In fact, the application automates the process of manual data collection and presentation of these data in a readable format. Asking about how legitimate it is to use the automatic data collection application, you can also think about how legitimate it would be to collect data from some site manually and use that data in some way. After all, the modern Internet is largely represented by search engines that automatically collect, analyze and display data from websites.

However, it is worth noting that the use of data collected automatically can be divided into several categories – the use of data for commercial purposes, and the use of data for non-commercial purposes. As a general rule, you are likely to have no problems using the data for non-commercial purposes (not for public viewing). These include commodity price analysis, nomenclature analysis, price monitoring of competitors and the like. If you intend to use the data for commercial purposes (for public viewing), you may have problems.

A separate point worth mentioning is the commercial use of the image with the copyright of some site. As you can see, this is not a good idea, as the legality of using third-party copyright images can have legal consequences, as well as the use of third-party logos without their permission. In many cases, it is also not acceptable to use images even without copyright.

In any case, many sites publish a public content policy and report on how data can be used and how it cannot be used. From the user’s perspective, it is wise to look at the information on the website to see how it is possible and impossible to use the data on the website.

Legality of use of data extractors

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