Competitors prices monitoring

Working in the e-commerce segment, we often face the problem of monitoring the prices of competing projects. In today’s economy, we often cannot afford to go with the flow, as the digital era requires an immediate response to the changes around us. Even small price differences of 1-5% are important to many customers today. Without constant monitoring of the market, we leave a chance to win to our competitors – in fact, we blindly give our customers to other companies.

Almost all modern companies have in their arsenal software to monitor the prices of competitors. These can be different kinds of cloud services, self-written parsers, or more complex products. Anyway, the software for price monitoring of competitors is either an integral part of the company’s infrastructure or an external component with an outsourcing element.

The essence of price monitoring of competitors is the regulatory indexing of the site pages, comparison of goods by articles or catalog codes, and providing a detailed report on the results of such analysis. Thus, in the presence of appropriate software, a special employee or manager of the department every morning will receive a detailed report with information on the current price difference between your store and the competitors’ stores.

The Data Excavator offers you the functionality of extracting data from competitors’ websites. This data may include any properties of the product – item number, sku, name, photos, description, price, discount rate, etc. Taking into account the multithreaded model, the application allows you to index entire huge sites in a matter of hours. As a result, you can be informed every morning about how the competitors are doing, and what pricing policy he adheres to.

The Data Excavator settings allow you to export your data online via an external link. Thus, using our application and configuring it to automatically send the collected data through some url, you can quickly build an inexpensive and extremely effective complex to monitor the prices of competitors.

Competitors prices monitoring

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