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Professional data scraper with excellent support.

Extract any data from any website in seconds.

Just scrape all the data you need, 
and save it into Excel file.
Scrape any data from any website
Web data scraper - extract all data and save into Excel
This is an installable solution based on Chromium. 
We offer you an app + advanced tech support.

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Data scraper remote support via TeamViewer

Free data scraper project + quick remote support

We offer free settings for your first project. Just buy a license and contact us. Support is provided via remote PC connection. We use RDP and TeamViewer. Read more

Why choose our data scraper?

We are a small data extraction and analysis team. Over the years we used different scrapers, and then we decided to create our own. We don’t spend huge budgets on marketing – so we have a great price for the product and great personal tech support.


App is available at an extremely-competitive price point, starting at $180 per year.


Sometimes data scraping is not easy. To help you get started, we create for you one scraper project for free.


UI code is provided in open source on CodeCanyon. You can make your own scraper based on our interface!


Our licensing policy is the number of projects and the number of threads. There are no restrictions on the number of scraped pages or speed.


The architecture of the application is made in multithreaded style. Scraping server, crawling server, storage - operations are carried out in parallel.


A multithreaded model connected to the optimal code - you get a really high data acquisition speed depending on the number of processors.


You can choose between native scraping and scraping via Chromium engine. In the latter case, you get a snapshot of the data in the context of surfing through a full-fledged browser, as if it were a human being.


When using scraping through browser engine, you get an opportunity to scan sites displaying dynamic content through JavaScript or other ActiveX-technologies. Browser engine also allows you to use Cookies.


You can export the data in the formats you prefer - .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .sql, .json. As an additional bonus, we have built in the possibility of exporting data "On the fly" - you can specify an http-link, to which the program will send data immediately.

Application screenshots - projects dashboard


Application screenshots - project menu


Application screenshots - nodes to extract


Application screenshots - results overview


Application screenshots - express project


Application screenshots - data export


Our application is a convenient web data scraper for professionals. 

These are some of the features that we support:

  • Multithreaded data scraping
  • Chromium-based data scraping
  • Proxy-servers support
  • $_GET and $_POST arguments support
  • Dynamic content scraping
  • Interaction of user JS-code with pages of the site
  • Robots.txt and Sitemaps support
  • Pages re-scraping support
  • User-defined scraping behaviors
  • Scraping data by URL mask
  • Analysis of robots.txt under the selected user agent
  • Multi-dimensional data extraction
  • Website authentication support
  • Website links buffer management
  • Multithreaded data extraction
  • Exporting data to .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .sql, .json
  • Exporting data online via HTTP(S) link
  • Overview scraped data into UI
  • Import & Export projects settings
  • Project settings testing on specified page
  • Grab only links from specified page
  • Project performance metrics board
  • Forcing specified links reindexing
  • Grabbing website links administration panel
  • Projects interactive dashboard
  • Files scraping support - images, archives, pdf, etc.
  • Ready-made scraping templates
  • Detailed data logging

Data Scraper pricing


  • Unlimited data to scrape
  • 50 projects limit
  • 12 scrapers per project limit
  • Email + RDP support
  • 1 website settings for free

$180 / year


  • Unlimited data to scrape
  • No projects limit
  • No limit in scrapers per project
  • Extended support
  • 3 website settings for free

$400 / year

Just look at what users write about us.

Our strong point is high-quality support and lively dialogues.

I bought the app. until now. maybe 30 times they patiently answered my questions. The application is flexible, a user with good js knowledge can do what he wants. Thank you again for the support.


CodeCanyon / Data Excavator

I bought this program, but I couldn't figure it out at first. Then, the author showed me how it worked, and now it made more sense to me. I am happy with the app and it lives up to its claims. I would also like to mention the great support from the author. Thank you!


Code Canyon / Data Excavator

Today, I purchased the Google Maps Scraper Pro Plus, and I am still overwhelmed by the support I got throughout the process of purchasing, installing and testing the software. The patience, skill and professionalism demonstrated by the Data Excavators Team is so out of this world. No wonder I did not see any real negative comment here. I have no choice but to add to the true testimonies of their excellent support system. Thank you so much.


CodeCanyon / Google Maps Scraper PRO plus

5 Star because I have many questions to ask, and be willing to answer me fast and efficiently. the app should be valued at more than 41. I have bought others that cost 70+ but the program make me crazy and mad, thanks, brother. Simon.


CodeCanyon / Google Maps Scraper PRO plus

The software works perfectly, the customer service from the developers was excellent.


CodeCanyon / Google Maps Scraper PRO plus

This software is really AWESOME and it completely fits for my project and works perfectly. Also, the seller is very cooperative & supportive, he has answered all the queries and he did exactly what i requested.
Thank you so much,


CodeCanyon / Amazon scraper

Great product, best scraper, better than Parsehub, Data Miner, Instant Data Scraper, with outstanding support. Thanks so much!


Codester / Data Excavator

Great dev, great help,great product, I can just recommend it!



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